Activities & Groups

Our church activities are very different, but presently include:

Sunday School – every other Sunday our children meet online, and look at our Bible readings with creative activities.

Choir – our Choir (presently Altos and Sopranos) meet to practice online most Thursday evenings. New members very welcome.

Our church (both building and people) wouldn’t exist without the help of many other people, who read our lessons, lead our prayers, clean the building, create wonderful flower arrangements, help paint and maintain the church buildings, lead our Sunday School, serve on the Vestry to make decisions about our future, lead our worship by playing piano, organ or other instruments, and write our newsletters.

As we move forward to reopen our building and restart services, we will need new and existing volunteers more than ever. If you would like to be part of any of these activities (and many others) please do ask anyone at St Peter’s or contact us, whether you’re new or you’ve been a member for decades.